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Checkmark Book online using our premium price to guarantee your spot. Stop by the dock to see if there are spots available at a discounted rate.

2.5 Hour Cruise + 1 Hour Guided Paddle Great for Beginners
1.5 Hour Cruise + 3 Hour Paddle Moderate Kayaking Skills Required - Cost of Kayak Included

Explore the wild and scenic Loxahatchee River!

Explore the Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River by kayak from Riverbend Park to Trapper Nelson’s Zoo and Gardens Interpretive site in Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Experience the solitude and majesty of the river and discover how the Wild Man of the Loxahatchee lived and thrived for over 3 decades. Paddling just past Trapper Nelson’s interpretive site you will meet up with our mother ship and motor back to The Jupiter Inlet while experiencing the unique transition from the wilderness of a freshwater cypress swamp with alligators to an urban saltwater coastal estuary with manatees.

Choose one of two options:

  • The 3-hour paddle from Riverbend Park to Trapper Nelson’s interpretive site and mother ship follows the flow of the river but still requires upper body strength and moderate level of endurance to navigate the twists and turns of the narrow river and its occasional obstacles. Allow for 5-6 hours from launching at Riverbend to docking of the mother ship at Charlie and Joe’s restaurant on Love Street.
    • Monday-Friday depart Riverbend Park by 9am up to 6 passengers 
  • Or embark with our Captain upriver from the dock at Love Street across from The Jupiter Lighthouse to Trapper Nelson’s interpretive site. Guide will lead you on an easy kayak paddle from the mother ship so you can briefly experience the Wild and Scenic corridor and explore Trapper Nelson’s interpretive site . Round trip boat ride takes about 2.5 hours+1 hour paddle. All ages welcome.