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Boat Tours in Jupiter

Don’t let the summer heat beat you down.

Refresh and cool off when you set sail on the energizing, pristine waters of the Jupiter Inlet at LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER.  Sit back, bring a snack or beverage and enjoy our Boat Tours in Jupiter adventures aboard the Pon-Tiki.

Our safety-trained, experienced captain will show you all the sights.


Jupiter cruise can enhance your enjoyment

(Photos/Video: Bill DiPaolo)

Cool breezes, clear waters, manatees, sea birds and a revitalizing boat ride are waiting for you at Love Street Outdoor Center, located on the dock at Charlie and Joe’s at Love Street on beautiful Jupiter Inlet and Intracoastal Waterway.

Click here to make a reservation for your Boat Tours in Jupiter cruise.

We also offer private tours. Birthdays, anniversaries, moonlight, sunset, sight-seeing — just ask, LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER  will fit your Boat Tours in Jupiter cruise needs.

Your LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER boat captain will help you spot manatees, sea turtles, great blue herons, spoonbills and other wildlife on one of LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER’S pontoon tiki boats.

And you’ll see the homes where famous athletes and celebrities live along the waterway.

So grab a beverage and hop aboard while you wait for your table at Charlie and Joe’s.

LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER boats for this Boat Tours in Jupiter cruise are open daily.



a hand holding a knife

Like a green curtain, lush mangroves crowd the shore along Jupiter Inlet’s waterways.

Sign up for a Mangrove Mystery Tour here.

But these plants do far more than block the view of the land.

  • The cigar-shaped mangrove seeds may float for more than a year before taking root in the sand.
  • Mangroves are tough. Like cactus, they hoard fresh water in their leaves to survive in dry times.
  • Mangroves defend of our shorelines. The thick roots hold the land in place during hurricanes. They reduce erosion
  • Mangroves promote coral reefs. Young corals grow in the mangrove roots
  • Mangroves support Florida’s recreational fishing. Barracuda, tarpon, snook and other juvenile fish shelter among mangrove roots. As adults, they head out into the open ocean
  • Mangroves boost water quality. They absorb nutrients from runoff that might otherwise cause harmful algal blooms offshore, such as the killing off of seagrass in the Indian River.



paddle to the lighthouse

As you paddle by the historic lighthouse on your Boat Tours in Jupiter adventure, impress your companions with these Lighthouse facts:

Sign up for a Boat Tours in Jupiter cruise here. 

  • First lit July 10, 1860
  • The Lighthouse is 156 feet high
  • There are 105 steps to the top of the lighthouse
  • On a clear night, the lighthouse can be seen on ships from about 25 miles out sea
  • The lighthouse is lit by a 1,000 watt, 120 volt, GE quartz-iodine bulb socketed in a lamp changer with an identical spare
  • The Lighthouse is lit 365 nights a year. (Green on St. Patrick’s Day!)
  • The lighthouse is totally automated. Lighthouse keepers in Jupiter lost their jobs when electricity was installed in the 1920s




a palm tree on a sidewalk

Refresh with a stroll down Love Street Promenade after you come ashore on the Pon-Tiki.

Enjoy swaying palm trees, diving pelicans, paddle boarders skimming across the clear Jupiter Inlet waters, the bright red lighthouse against the blue sky and manatees and sea turtles coming up for a gulp of air.

Sign up for a Historic Waterfront Bicycle Tour here.

If you want a little history, check out the DuBois Pioneer Home at nearby DuBois Park.

Check out the history of shipwrecks off Jupiter at the anchor statue at the foot of the jetty at DuBois Park.

Like railroads? Learn about the Celestial Railroad, which had space-age stopping points at Jupiter, Venue and Mars during it’s short life in the 1890s. There’s a plaque in front of Guanabana’s restaurant.


a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse is straight ahead when you shove off in a kayak or stand-up paddle board from this mangrove-surrounded public park.

LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER expert Boat Tours in Jupiter guides can help you spot manatees, sea turtles, birds and tropical fish.

Make your reservation here.

Or you can paddle out on your own adventure.

Either way, you’re in for a fantastic Boat Tours in Jupiter adventure.

Let Love Street Outdoor Center staff know when you want to leave. We’ll meet you at the park with kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, life vests and paddles.

LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER staff will meet you when you return to retrieve the equipment.

Oh yes. Parking is free at Sawfish Bay.

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