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Things To Do in Jupiter – Go Back in Time On Love St Bike Tour



Things To Do in Jupiter


a vintage photo of a steam train on a steel track

Those were the stops the aptly named Celestial Railroad made between Jupiter/Juno and Lake Worth during its six-year run starting on July, 4, 1889.

Coconuts, citrus and other locally grown crops were hauled. So was lumber and supplies Henry Flagler used to build the Royal Poinciana Hotel on Palm Beach.

Your LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER guide will explain how the railway ran about seven miles from the Jupiter Inlet to Juno, which was then the Dade County seat at the north end of Lake Worth.

The engineer played “Dixie” on the wood-burning steam engine whistle to alert awaiting passengers.

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Jupiter treasure coast

Challenging the treacherous waters off Jupiter in the 1600-1700s, Spanish galleons and merchant ships hauling gold and silver from Mexico and South America hugged the coast as they sailed with the Gulf Stream’s powerful north current.

Many — no GPS in those days — did not make it through the narrow channels, keel-ripping coral reefs, changing sand bars and hurricanes.

The shipwrecks left treasures of cannons, anchors, navigational tools, coins and gold scattered on the ocean floor.

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a man standing next to a body of water

The turquoise runway to the Atlantic Ocean is beautiful,  but the Jupiter Inlet can be deadly.

The 400-foot-wide Jupiter Inlet, along with the St. Lucie, Lake Worth, Boynton and Boca Raton inlets, are some of the local paths for boaters to get to and from the Atlantic Ocean.

Each inlet is tough for boaters, but of those four, Jupiter Inlet is the most difficult, say many sailors.

“Jupiter gets the big surf breaking in the mouth of the inlet. You got shallow sandbars shifting around. There’s the angle of the waves. When the tide is running out and the big swells are coming in, it’s rough. You can be hanging on for dear life out there,” says a local charter boat captain.

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a group of people standing next to a body of water

The Civil War. Malaria. Powerful storms. The Third Seminole War. Confederate blockade runners. Union gunboats patrolling offshore. German U-boats and submarines off Jupiter during WW II. U.S. Military radar station in the inlet.

The history of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse is not boring.

The 105-step tower was officially lighted on July 10, 1860.

Local confederate sympathizers disabled the light, which remained dark throughout the Civil War.

The lighthouse was relighted on June 28, 1866.

The lighthouse — open daily except holidays — has remained an active aid to navigation ever since.

On a clear night, the light can be seen up to 25 miles out to sea.

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jupiter hostoric resident

Built in 1898, the DuBois Pioneer Home is one of the last remaining historic homesteads of its type in unincorporated northern Palm Beach County.

The “house on the hill” was built atop a Native American shell rock midden by the DuBois Family, one of Jupiter’s most notable pioneer families.

The midden originally was more than 600 feet long and 20 feet high. Artifacts dating back several thousand years have been discovered at this site.

The entire park was once a thriving village where ancient Floridians lived.

Ask your Love Street Outdoor Center guide about going inside during this things to do in Jupiter adventure.

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