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Things To Do Jupiter – Joys of Love Street Outdoor Center Bike Tour

a couple of people that are sitting on a bicycle


Things To Do in Jupiter


PUT THAT PHONE AWAY explore jupiter outdoor center

(Photos/Bill DiPaolo)

Turn off your device and enjoy a guided bicycle tour with LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER.

Take out the ear buds and listen to the symphony of the whistles, trills, croaks and rattles from birds like limpkins, great blue herons and spoonbills.

Take the time to look in the clear shallows in the mangroves to see juvenile shrimp, crab, tarpon and snook. The growing little fish ones hide there from the big fish.

When your LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER tour guide brings you to the jetty in DuBois Park, watch the boaters maneuver in and out the treacherous and beautiful Jupiter Inlet. And check out the fishermen pulling their bounty from atop the jetty.

LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER has lots of uplifting waterway options on your things to do in Jupiter tour. Check them out — while the weather is still cool for your things to do in Jupiter tour.

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DON'T JUST LOOK come & explore

“Wow, I didn’t know the mangroves were so thick. And beautiful. I’m seeing so much more.”

That’s a recent revelation from one of our guests on a LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER bicycle tour.

We’ll pedal through DuBois Park and your guide will show you where manatees and sea turtles frolic. Stopping at the jetty in DuBois Park, you’ll hear, smell and feel the power of tides as the salty waves slap spray up against the rocks.

The 90-minute things to do in Jupiter tours start at Dubois Park, near the Jupiter Lighthouse and on A1A. We stop at the former site of the Celestial Railroad, the shipwreck statue and Jupiter Beach.

90 minutes too long? Too short? Do you have a special area or place  you want to explore?

Sure.  Let LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER know. We’ll make it happen.

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Jupiter events and history

Harry DuBois met his future wife Susan — the builders of the DuBois Pioneer Home — on a blind date at the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse in about 1898.

Love Street — the romantic roadway leading to the sultry turquoise Jupiter Inlet waters — was originally called Loveless Street.

17th-century Spanish galleons, packed with silver from Mexico and other treasures, floundered and sunk in the powerful currents off Jupiter.

Mars, Jupiter, Venus — those were the droping off points to the Celestial Railroad. Pulled by oxen in the late 1800’s, the railroad ran for less than a decade, toting passengers, coconuts and fruits between Lake Worth and Jupiter.

Your tour guide will tell you about these and more amazing Jupiter events on your uplifting things to do in Jupiter tour.

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And after your bicycle ride, relax with a LOVE STREET OUTDOOR C ENTER things to do in Jupiter boat tour. Your captain will show all the sites along the clear Jupiter Inlet waterways.

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beautiful Jupiter Inlet bicycling

Scientists say bicycling is the most efficient form of human-powered propulsion. About 98% of the cyclist’s pedal effort goes to spinning the wheels. That’s opposed to walking/jogging, where about 65% goes to directly powering forward motion.


Here’s what we know: Bicycling along A1A, along the Atlantic Ocean, and the beautiful Jupiter Inlet is a great way to nurture with nature.

Park where and when you want. Feel the wind. Shoot the breeze with other bicycle riders. Go as fast or as slow as you want. Get exercise.

So join us for a things to do in Jupiter tour. LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER is open daily.

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