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a bird that is standing in a forest


Boat Tours in Jupiter

Connecting with nature is easy, fun and enlightening when you GET OUT THERE with LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER.

Kayak, bicycle, canoe, stand-up paddle board — LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER will set you up and soon you’ll be in the pristine paradise of the Wild and Scenic Loxahatachee River and Jupiter Inlet waterways on your boat tours in Jupiter adventure.


a turtle swimming under water

Stretched out on fallen cypress trees, sunning themselves on the shore and gracefully gliding through the Loxahatchee River, turtles are regulars along the Lox.

Yellow bellies we call them. As they paddle along the smooth water, you’ll quickly understand why the Seminoles named the river Loxahatchee — the word means River of Turtles in their language.

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a fish swimming under water


Sea lion, dugongs, sea cow — manatees have many monikers.

Many a stand-up paddle boarder has returned from their LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER boat tours in Jupiter adventure with happy tales about close encounters with the friendly, graceful mammals.

Listen closely if a manatee lumbers close to your watercraft — they make the same sound when they surface as us humans do when we come up for air. And don’t be nervous. Despite their large size, they are as gentle as a summer breeze.

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Here’s a few manatee facts:

  • Manatees are plant eaters. They spend most of their waking hours grazing on seagrasses and other aquatic plants. A manatee can eat 10 percent of its body weight daily – that’s 100 pounds for an adult.
  • Manatees can grow to a dozen feet from snout to tail, and weigh more than 2,000 pounds.
  • Their powerful tails allow them to swim up to 15 miles an hour.
  • Manatees are pretty acrobatic. They can swim upside down, roll, do somersaults or move vertically in the water.



Birds love the scrublands and flatwoods of Riverbend Park. You’re likely to see lots of them during your boat tours in Jupiter tour.

Take binoculars if you want, but they are not needed to spot ospreys, woodpeckers, turkeys, peacocks, ibis, herons, anhingas, egrets, roseate spoonbills, snail kites and sandhill cranes and bald eagles.

Take the time to watch a pelican circle for food. Spotting a fish, they swoop down splash to spear their prey. Clumsy? Yes. But efficient.

To register for a Wild & Scenic boat tours in Jupiter adventure, click here.

 a bicycle parked on a field

Bicycling along the Wild & Scenic Loxahatchee River, you’re likely to see scampering raccoons, prancing peacocks, soft-stepping deer, yellow-bellied turtles basking in the sun and great blue herons stalking the shallows for a meal in Riverbend Park.

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That hoot you hear might be an owl. That splash, an otter swimming by. And relax when you hear a high-pitched screech – it’s likely from a male limpkin. Their long tracheas allow them to make that amazing noise when they are breeding or seeking a mate.

That sweet smell is the aroma of elegant swamp lilies. Sprouting on the banks of the Lox, they  look like white starbursts.

The plants, which grow up to three feet tall, love full sun. While smelling and looking good is fine, it has its downside. Insects like grasshoppers and flies love to snack on swamp lillies.
Your JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER boat tours in Jupiter guide knows all the nooks and crannies along the waterway. Sign up here for a tour.
a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

Hop on a beach cruiser to explore over 10 miles of wide, hard-packed trails. Shade trees provide coolness for much of your pedaling adventure through Riverbend Park.

See Florida much like it was a couple thousand years ago on this nationally recognized section of the river.

Each experience lasts approximately 2 hours.

To register for Pedal & Paddle Tour, click here.


  • Backpack
  • Hat
  • Bug spray
  • Binoculars
  • Sun protection
  • Sun Glasses
  • lunch or snacks
  • water


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